170 Queengate

170 Queen’s Gate

South Kensington’s best kept secret! This gorgeous, grade ii listed Victorian townhouse is in the heart of London just around the corner from the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park. Three traditional banqueting rooms and a private walled garden make 170 Queen’s Gate a fantastic choice for a memorable day and a superb background for amazing wedding pictures.

170 Queen’s Gate Wedding Photography

wedding,170 queens gate

Wedding 170 Queen’s gate

wedding 170 Queen’s gate

I do love a good wedding venue, 170 Queen’s gate, one of the wedding venue’s in London and possibly kensington’s best kept secret. That said, I would normally avoid doing a wedding in London, if it’s not the logistical nightmare of getting to the venue it’s going to be the severe lack of parking. The congestion charge, awful traffic and if that’s not enough and decide not to drive, use the tube instead, it’s going to be dragging around all my very expensive gear on the tube.

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