Andrew & Jennie@Cooling Castle Wedding

Cooling Castle Barns

A luxurious wedding dream! Cooling Castle is a stunning 14th century castle set in a rural location near Rochester in Kent. The fabulous venue features massive twin turrets, ruined castle walls and beautiful grounds. The three wedding barns, superb backdrops and a lovely courtyard garden provide many spots for everlasting wedding photographs.

Cooling Castle Barns Wedding Photography

Cooling Castle Wedding

Cooling castle Wedding

Cooling Castle Wedding

The wedding of Andrew and Jennie at Cooling Castle in Kent.

An idyllic location for a wedding, Cooling Castle has to be the venue to get married, a 14th century castle, massive twin turrets, ruined castle walls, fantastic views of the Kent countryside and all within easy reach of major transport links.

Take those castle features and plonk right in the middle of it a Wedding venue.

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