la talbooth

la talbooth Wedding

There’s wedding venue’s and there’s wedding venue’s.
La talbooth wedding
venue has to be one of the more exclusive.

Near the village of Dedham in north Essex, bordering the county of Suffolk, La Talbooth Dedham is a beautiful little wedding venue set on the river Stour.

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summer weddings 2015@richardkinsleyphotography

Summer weddings 2015

summer weddings 2015
With the madness of the last couple of months. The chance to knuckle down and write blog posts has all but disappeared. Summer weddings have been back to back, literally five weddings in a row, a break, then it all starts again, two here then another three.

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lee & gemma, warley park wedding

Warley park wedding

Warley park wedding
I do so love a good wedding venue. Even better when that wedding venue is only just down the road from me. Golf club wedding venue’s tend to be a little more laid back than dedicated wedding venues, no strict adherence to timings, no fussy overbearing venue managers, and the day is allowed to “go with the flow”, so to speak.

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The English Summer Wedding

A selection of weddings from Summer 2014, around Essex and Kent.

From the pub to the massive venue to the quiet little chapel to the massive 11th century Norman church, a selection of weddings small & large in the summer of 2014.

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